Welcome to my website! This is where I post about myself, my art, secure some things, and ramble about my thoughts.

I'm happy that you've found my small corner on the internet!

Plans for this website include so far:

> Finishing all the pages. Self explanatory :)
> I still need to decide whether I want to include links in my contact page or make another separate page. Done. Separate pages!
> My "fun stuff" page will include test results, picrew pictures, blinkies, stamps, information about some of my characters, music recommendations, my perfume collection + some reviews
> Embedding more pictures
> Making an intro page, and an archive maybe? The archive will be worked on later!
> Seperating design and content! Damn, I once was able to do that, but I've gotten sooo rusty in web design Yes! I finally made it! It was hard enough.
> Lightbox? Yes!
> Site about Randi and my former pets? Done!

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